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Allomantic metals chart

Allomantic metals.
Allomantic metals. Mistborn series, Brandon sanderson, Fanta

Allomancy from Mistborn - Becca: This chart helped me keep up while reading...
Allomancy from Mistborn - Becca: This chart helped me keep u

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Allomantic Metal Vinyl Decals!
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Hemalurgy chart image.
magical theory - How is it determined what Allomantic power

Alkali metals include.
Where are Alkali Metals located on the Periodic Table?

Allomantic metals.
Allomantic metals. Brandon sanderson, Mistborn series, Trans

External Enhancement Pushing Metal.
Allomancy GM Binder

Going through the know shards and seeing which base metal they most align w...
the shards in relation to the basic allomantic metals - Cosm

Allomancy chart Mistborn Series, Brandon Sanderson, Physics, Chart, Geek Th...
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Base Metals.
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metal and nonmetal chart metals nonmetals and metalloids.
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I also made a table of the physical properties of the metals in my games (I...
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Sanderson.Basic information about the metal is included** along with the Al...
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Mistborn Allomantic table Fan drawing, Mistborn series, Bran

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My question is is there an official symbol for each metal?
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Twelve of the 16 metals.
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Best Feruchemy Chart I can find.
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